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We're! back!
There are now six of us.
SofT the rabbit, Rudder the labra-doodle, Benjamin the black lab, Peanuts the elephant, Jenny the jiraffe, and Cuty the cat.
And we have stories to tell.

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Under the bigtop.

The Circus is coming around again. This time the animals were picked to perform under the bigtop. SofT and the animals were excited to receive in the mail a letter inviting them to participate in the greatest show on earth. "The circus," the animals said with visions of delight. Each animal was given an act to perform. Each animal practiced their own acts until they were perfect. Two weeks went by and they were ready.

The day of the circus arrived. All the animals got ready and boarded a bus that would take them to the circus grounds. There were crowds of people and lots of peanuts and popcorn sold. SofT the rabbit walked the tightrope while balencing a ball on her head. What a sight to see. Rudder the Labradoodle road on a unicycle while juggling balls. Jenny the jiraffe jumped through a ring of fire with Cuty the cat on her head. Benjamin the black lab was shot out of a cannon and landed on his feet. Peanuts the elephant blew peanuts from his trunk to a target over 100 feet away. The crowds of people cheered and clapped wildly. When the circus ended the animals boarded the bus for home.

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

I Got A Picture!

Thursday, March 1, was one of the biggest days in the animal household. The broadcast studio was noisy with three stations running at the same time. SofT the rabbit worked the main studio board for C Joy 1. Benjamen the black lab worked the studio board for C Joy 2. Jenny the jiraffe sat at the C Joy 3 position looking at a television monitor. Jenny had a worried look on her face. There was no picture on the screen.

Jenny said to her boss, "We have no picture and it is just about time for Apostle Barbar Thomas." Darryl, who was in charge of the studio for the day said, "Call Tod over at Christian Netcast and have him look online at the video software." Jenny said, "Wright away boss." as she picked up a nearby phone and dialed a number. Todd answered and said, "Hello." Jenny said, "We have no picture signals and Apostle Barbar Thomas is scheduled to be streamed shortly." Todd said, "Let me look at your video software." Todd said, "Make sure that the t-bar is moved forward on the video board." Jenny said, "All the knobs are in the wright position." In minutes, a picture of Apostle Barbara Thomas appeared on the monitor. She stood in front of a pulpit that had an open bible on it. She preached on the subject "Let Go And Let God Do It." All the animals sat in their seats and listened to the spoken word. Jenny Thanked Todd for his help and hung up the phone. All the animals were full of joy and they were happy.

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

hi, girls and boys, moms and dads. . animals and, well, everyone. Here we are with another magazine for all.      First we want to telll you all that SofT is having her 9th birthday.  She is quite happy with  her vegetables an has the attention from everyone around here.  She is a sweet rabbit. Jenny, Cuty, Rudder, Benjamen, and Peanuts, are all still here and bring joy to us.

Benjamin, Rudder, and Peanuts took a little walk.  Oh, not just a walk folks but they ran away!  Can you believe this, all?  It made dad and I cry to think they would  do such a thing.  Benjamin and Rudder were laughing in the house and we didn't know that they asked Peanuts to go too.  They asked Peanuts to go with them, because he is so big and can hold doors, and carry things for the others, and help in general.  We didn't know they were leaving but were gone about 3 hours until the police were called and Dad and I went with them searching for the animals.   "Well," said Mom who wrote this story, we had an incident last night that we were not happy about. They had done something verry bad, get this: They went door to door trick-or-treating, asking for candy.  They had pillow cases over their heads and noone knew who they were.  They did get alot of candy, and I wish the people hadn't given it to them but it was thought that mom and dad knew about this little game.  So, we were all upset, and I took the candy away from them, maybe to give some later if they were extremely good at home. Dad thought we shall throw it away but we talked about it and thought they could learn from it, having only a little candy later.  Well, everyone is home and safe that is really what matters the most.  So, all out there, you have another story to enjoy.  We love you all, and will be back again for more.

The End. Written by Vicki Meizinger.

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