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June/July Edition, 2017.


Edited by Pastor Darryl Breffe and Vicki Meizinger.

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We're! back!
There are six of us.
SofT the rabbit, Rudder the labra-doodle, Tigger the boxer, Benjamin the black lab, Cuty And Princess the cats.
And we have stories to tell.

Tune-in every Sunday morning at 11:00 A.M. Eastern, 10:00 A.M. Central, for childrens' church. We have many stories to tell (high-adventure ... action-packed), fun for the whole family.

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The Chef! Is! Coming!

In this month's issue, Chef Ishmael, herd on The Cooking Show, every Saturday afternoon over C Joy Internet Radio, will have a special story with the animals. This story has a real recipe and will be presented here. Children please ask your parents assistance when making cookies from the instructions below.

Saturday finally came and the animals were excited. A special visitor was coming to c Joy Internet Radio. SofT and her friends went about cleaning the floors and counters in the kitchen. Each animal had a job to do. Tigger took out the garbage. Rudder washed the dishes that were left in the sink. Everything looked clean as a whistle. By 3:00 that afternoon all was ready for the special visitor. SofT's ears shot straight up and hearing a car pull up in the driveway, she shouted "He's here." A five-foot 11 inch man stepped out of the car and went up the front door and rang the bell. Princess opened the door and in walked Chef Ishmael. Tails were wagging with delight. Chef Ishmael shook paws of each animal in turn. Benjamin took Chef''s suitcases to the guestroom. Chef said, "Now that the pleasantries are over with let us prepare for the radio show." Chef pulled out his notes containing the recipe for the cookies. He said, I need three of you to assist me in the kitchen. "We have less than one hour to get ready for the program" he said. The chef went into the kitchen and gave further instructions. "SofT, take out three bowls and mixing utensils". "princess and Cuty bring me the eggs and other ingredients". Meanwhile, Benjamin went into the broadcast studio and dragged a reporter's microphone with a long chord to the kitchen. Benjamin said, "Chef here's your microphone you will need to talk on the air with." Benjamin said, "Everyone be quiet, we are going live." Tigger was the engineer for the afternoon shift at the station. Five O;clock came and Tigger turned on the microphone in the studio to announce the cooking show. "Stay tuned next for the cooking show with Chef Ishmael Fails heard right here over C Joy Internet Radio." Tigger then turned on Chef's microphone and Chef began to speak. "Hello, and welcome to cooking with Chef Ishmael. Today, we have a special treat for our kids. I am going to show you how to make cookies. Kids, please have your moms or dads to assist you in turning on the stove. I do not want to hear of accidental fires in the kitchen or any of you getting burned. Let's make sure we have everything.
Two cups butter, one cup granulated sugar,
one cup brown sugar,
two teaspoons Cream of Tartar,
two teaspoons baking soda,
one teaspoon almond extract,
one teaspoon vanilla,
two eggs,
and four cups flour.
Let's prepare the batter.
Cream together butter, sugars, almond and vanilla extract until thoroughly combined. Mix in Cream of Tartar and baking soda. Beat eggs and add a little of the beaten eggs, then the flour, then the egg, to the sugar mixture, until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
Drop dough by using a teaspoon on a cookie sheet, flatten with a glass dipped in sugar. Bake at 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes. Makes approximately 6 to 7 dozen cookies."

All the animals and the grown-ups ate quite a number of cookies. Benjamin said, "What a show today, thank you Chef for coming to our home."

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

A Wonderful Outing With The Animals.

Well here we go again with another story for children and kids of all ages, that means me, the mama. Well, mom and dad ran into the room where all of the animals sleep. All of the animals were jumping on the bed, shouting, "chewy, goofy, chewy, goofy'1 Dad yelled over the children and said;: what is going on in here? please tell us." They have everything for animals and we might get something." "yah," said Rudder. "I think they have toys. I want a toy!" Well, mama said "we'll see about that, little sweetes. Get ready, and don't forget your manners."

The six animals jumped in to the car with Mom and Dad. They went into the chewy store." SofT the rabbit saw the rabbit food." "I am hungry," she said. they kept walking through the store. Ben ran ahead. What a wonderful dog, so well-behaved. "Mom, dad! Toys, toys, everywhere. Come on guys. Maybe they will buy some." A smiling lady came up to them. "Hi everyone, you look so cute." The two cats ran up to the lady." Cutey said, "hey, what is your name?" he said. Princess just stood there mewing, looking as if her eyes would pop out of her head as she looked at the toys. "my name is Heather," said the smiling lady." You all look so wonderful. if you need help with anything, I am here to help you, okay gang?" they all said "yes" together. They were jumping all over the place and touching boxes of toys." heather started laughing and said, "you are all having a great time. I am so glad." Well, Mom and Dad were talking quietly not far from them. "oh this is amazing," said Mom. "We must get some things for the little ones." "oh yes," said Dad, "But we can't go crazy, we do have a budget, of course." "Well," said dad, "okay guys let's see what to get You" "You must ask me and Mom first, and of course you can talk to Heather about what you want. "Well, here is the first toy. Cotton Rope Hooves Dog chew Toy $4.74. "Well, said mom, " "the prices are unbelievable. Let's get a toy for each animal and some yummies to chew on and some raw hide bones and some bunny treats." "And, oh my," the cats have their paws full. "We will help them make choices." Well, Heather put all of the wonderful things in a big cart and they all walked together to the check out. They were all so happy. They returned home and had lots of things. it was a wonderful time, and Mom and Dad told them how well they acted. Mom and Dad loved the prices and they had wonderful things to play with and snack on. SofT said, "can we go there again someday and see our new friend Heather?" So there you have it: another adventure in our animal stories.

The End. Written by Vicki Meizinger.

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