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We're! back!
There are six of us.
SofT the rabbit, Rudder the labra-doodle, Tigger the boxer, Benjamin the black lab, Cuty And Princess the cats.
And we have stories to tell.

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The Swim meet.

Every year the animals participated in the annual swim meet held in Hyannis, MA. This year the meet was to be exceptional.. The town invited children from the State of Colorado to join in the festivities. Cuty and Benjamen received a letter in the mail announcing the event and the children who will race against the animals. The letter said that De-JA- and Ariel, along with their mother Lita, will be at the meet.

The day came for the swim meet and there was a large croud of people gathered at the town pool to see the event. All six animals and the children along with their mother lined up at the edge of the pool. The first race was a 50-yard dash across the pool. Jenny the giraffe called the meet to order. "The first race will be between the animals and the visiting team of children. When the gun sounds, jump into the pool and race to the other side." Jenny shot the gun and the race began. For a while, it looked liked a tie between the animals and children. Finally, the children moved ahead and got to the other side and won the race. The crowd of people happily clapped their hands as the children came up to receive their ribbons from Jenny. "A job well done." said Jenny as she gave De-Ja- and Ariel pats on their backs. Their mother Lita was proud for them as well. This was a happy occasion for them all.

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

The Family Outing.

It was sunday morning and the family of animals and parents were arriving home from church.  Tigger the boxer inquired:  "hey did Jesus really feed 5,000 people with only five loaves and two fish?  Mom looked back from the front seat.  "Yes Tigger.  Everything that is in the bible and that you learn at sunday school is true.  We love to talk about Jesus any time you want, and we enjoy it too.      As mom was speaking, little SofT the rabbit jumped and landed on all of the shoulders of the animals and also mom and dad.  Everyone  gave her a quick pat as she hopped by. "Yes!" they all shrieked.

"Hey guys," said Dad.  "How would you like to go on a boatride?"  "Today Mom and I thought it would be fun." They were all ready verry quickly.  The boat was in the ocean nearby where they lived, and they went for two hours, on a voatride. And a nice man describing all of the scenery to everyone.   There was a snack bar and all of the animals were asking for candy and soda.  Mom said, "Dad, well, I think they should have it."  "They are so good and we don't eat a lot of sugar at home."  "okay," said Dad, "Let's head down to the snack bar, and everyone use your best manners." Dad went to do a head count with the animals.  Rudder was missing. "Hey you guys, where is Rudder?" Dad said with a worried tone in his voice.  "let's all go look around the boat."  The next thing thathappened was that a policeman on the boat started looking for Rudder. He was not on the boat anywhere.  A policeman got some other helpers to get off the boat and do a search for the dog.  In about five minutes they had found Rudder, swimming near the boat and laughing.  He was having a terrific time of his life. but mom and dad were verry angry.  They hurriedly got in the car and went home after the boat ride.  When they got in the house, Mom and dad told Rudder that he was grounder for  a week and if he did anything else there would be more grounding.  Dad said:  "rudder, you couldhave had a big wave throw you around until you died.  this is not something to fool around with. You swim when we are at the beach in the area where you are allowed to go.  " And there you have it, another lively story for this month.  See you next time.

The End. Written by Vicki Meizinger.

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