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Edited by Pastor Darryl Breffe and Vicki Meizinger.

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We're! back!
There are now five of us.
SofT the rabbit, Benjamin the black lab, Peanuts the elephant, Jenny the giraffe, and Cuty the cat.
And we have stories to tell.
The stories told in this magazine reflect the experiences of the editors.

Tune-in every Sunday on C Joy 2, Our newest radio station, for childrens' church. We have many stories to tell (high-adventure ... action-packed), fun for the whole family. All day.

News Flash! From the chief editor of C Joy Magazine For Children. It saddens me to announce the following: Rudder the Labra-doodle died on Friday March 23, of natural causes at aproximately 2:40 P.M. He came to us at six years old and he lived to a ripe old age of 13. He crossed the rainbow bridge to be with his many friends. He was buried along side of Tigger the boxer and Pyle. Pyle, a black lab, served as a guide dog for Vicki our other editor. Rudder will be missed and we will see him in Heaven.

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Hello, Jenny the giraffe Here. I have a question for you our kids. Do you know that animals have dreams? Have you ever watched a dog sleep and move his legs? He his dreaming, no doubt running after his dog friends. I recently had a dream and want to share it with you.

I dreamed that I was in heaven. There was a river with grass on both sides. The grass stood about 18 inches high and waved back and forth. As I looked around, I saw Rudder the labra-doodle running through the grass having a wonderful time. He stopped suddenly. In front of him laying on the ground was Tigger the boxer. Tigger was chewing on a blade of grass and jumped up when he saw Rudder standing there looking at him. Tigger said, "Hi Rudder, I was not expecting you this soon." Rudder said, "I got verry sick and past away suddenly." "Now I'm here to enjoy heaven with you." Tigger said, "I have something to show you." "let's run to God's palace, There are many people there sitting at tables eating and they throw down lots of food for us." Both Tigger and Rudder ran to God's palace and laid under one of the tables where the people sat. Soon down came pieces of fruit for Tigger and Rudder. Tigger said, "I come here everyday and the people treat me well." "You will be no exception." Rudder said, "Let's take another run." They ran around God's palace one more time and found a shady place and curled up together and fell asleep.

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

2 Save Souls Records Is Streaming On Your Computer.

It was a cold Sunday evening. Cuty the cat worked the night shift at C Joy Internet Radio. This night was special because two special guests were coming to do a broadcast to be streamed on three stations. There was a knock on the studio door. Cuty went to answer the door. In walked Minister Keith Martin and his wife Maria to do their weekly two-hour broadcast. Keith and his wife sat down before microphones and a television monitor and waited for the 7:00 mark. Cuty announced, "Stay tuned next for 2 saved soul records radio broadcast with Minister Keith Martin. After 30 seconds of music, Keith and Marias' microphones were turned on and they began to speak. They spent five minutes talking about the S-H-E Conference and then went back to music. While the music was playing on the monitor speaker, Keith and Maria opened their bibles to prepare the lesson to be read for the week. When the music stopped, the microphones were turned on again and Keith along with his wifed preached from the word of God. Cuty purred with joy. Before the two-hour broadcast was finished, Keith and his wife gave an altar call to those wanting salvation. They ended their show and left the studio. Cuty put the stations on automation and locked up the studio and left for the evening.

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

I Bet You Can't Believe What Happened.

hi, girls and boys, moms and dads. . animals and, well, everyone. Here we are with another magazine for all.      First we want to telll you all that SofT is having her 9th birthday.  She is quite happy with  her vegetables an has the attention from everyone around here.  She is a sweet rabbit. Jenny, Cuty, Rudder, Benjamen, and Peanuts, are all still here and bring joy to us.

Benjamin, Rudder, and Peanuts took a little walk.  Oh, not just a walk folks but they ran away!  Can you believe this, all?  It made dad and I cry to think they would  do such a thing.  Benjamin and Rudder were laughing in the house and we didn't know that they asked Peanuts to go too.  They asked Peanuts to go with them, because he is so big and can hold doors, and carry things for the others, and help in general.  We didn't know they were leaving but were gone about 3 hours until the police were called and Dad and I went with them searching for the animals.   "Well," said Mom who wrote this story, we had an incident last night that we were not happy about. They had done something verry bad, get this: They went door to door trick-or-treating, asking for candy.  They had pillow cases over their heads and noone knew who they were.  They did get alot of candy, and I wish the people hadn't given it to them but it was thought that mom and dad knew about this little game.  So, we were all upset, and I took the candy away from them, maybe to give some later if they were extremely good at home. Dad thought we shall throw it away but we talked about it and thought they could learn from it, having only a little candy later.  Well, everyone is home and safe that is really what matters the most.  So, all out there, you have another story to enjoy.  We love you all, and will be back again for more.

The End. Written by Vicki Meizinger.

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