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Edited by Pastor Darryl Breffe and Vicki Meizinger.

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This magazine contains religious and secular articles of interest for children.

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We're! back!
There are six of us.
SofT the rabbit, Rudder the labradoodle, Tigger the boxer, Benjamin the black lab, Cuty And Princess the cats.
And we have stories to tell.

You as a member of your family have a chance to win a useful prize. C Joy internet Radio has started a new contest. Have a meal on us. Here is our bible question: Noah had three sons. What were their names: Call our contest line and answer the bible question. The number is: 508.957.3530 ext 3. Children ask your parents permission before calling. Clients and associates of C Joy Internet Radio may NOT participate.

Tune-in every Sunday morning at 11:00 A.M. Eastern, 10:00 A.M. Central, for childrens' church. We have many stories to tell (high-adventure ... action-packed), fun for the whole family.

I Have A Job.

Hi kids, Rudder the labradoodle here. Have I got a story to tell you. It is my first job and it is at C Joy Internet Radio.

It was 6:00 in the morning and the station owner called me on my cell. Darryl said to come on in and take the 10:00 morning job. I got up from sleeping in my chair, washed myself and left home for the station. The station was ten minutes away and I got there just in time to prepare for the morning shows. I took over SofT the rabbit's place at the broadcast console and looked over the log. At the moment music was playing and I could see the songs displayed on the monitor as they were playing. A Dream come true, a dog would get to be an announcer on radio. I jumped up on the engineer's seat and put on the mic and headset that laid on a table nearby. At 10:00 on the dot I pushed the (enter key) on the computer keyboard and the song "Oh Happy Day" began to play. I then turned the music down a bit and unmuted the mic to announce the program. "You are tuned to C Joy Internet Radio broadcasting around the globe in seconds." "Stay tuned next for What's On Your Mind...The Prophetical Hour with Apostle Doctor Polly Elleiot." "You can call her for prayer at 252-643-0593." I then muted the mic and brought up the music. The flashing lights on the board showed 100pc so I knew that my volume level was ok on the air. One minute went by and I lowered the music and brought up the phone line to hear Apostle Elliot speak. I saw her volume level was good and I took off the mic and headset and placed it on the table. I sat back in the engineer's seat and thought about myself doing my fair share in spreading the gospel. There was one more program to put on the air and music to fill up my job for the day. Tigger the boxer came to take over and I signed the log to show I was there and performed my duties and left the station to go home.

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

Here come the furry musicians!!.

Well here we are at the house, momand dad in charge and animals laughing.  "hey," said SofT the rabbit," let's sing.  Let's pretend we are famous.  Can we mom, can we dad?"  What a brilliant idea.  We can really think we are famous if we youse our imaginations, mom and dad too. Okay, they all went to find something we could use for instruments. Ben and Tigger, the best of friends, brought an empty round cookie box for a drum.  They also lined up chairs by the fireplace, with the help of Rudder, the biggest and tallest, a Labradoodle. Well, the cats came rushing as they heard about the story.  Cutey and princess dragged into the living room a big lamp, with 3 lights on it that moved around.  The kitties said that this couldbe our microphone and everyone should stand or sit near them.  "wow!" said Ben, the serious black lab, always looking intelligent and barking his age of 5.  "okay," said Dad."  Let's all get in position. I have another idea.  I have a tape of the group called "the Beatles." they were famous when mom and I were teenagers.  they played concerts everywhere.  let's take some songs and learn some words and sing them into our "microphone."  "Can we be called the beatles?"  asked rudder?  "Hey that's great," said Mom but why not get our own name.  How bout it guys, got any ideas?  "hey," said Tigger, the verry mischievous one," how bout the animals.  They were a group also.  "Well," said Dad, we had a group when we were children.  it was the rinkidinks." Did the same thing in our hous. So which one, guys and girls?" "Hey," said SofT, jumping on Dad's head, "I like yours Dad. "and that it is," said Dad, smiling, picking up the rabbit and putting her down. Oh here it was, and mom rushing in with a camera and a tape recorder.  "we are going to be famous," she said." Thwey all sang "yah yah yah," along with the beatles tape, and "help.  That was becuase we all need hellp, from people and God.  We didn't want to leave God out."  "you children are wonderful," said dad, and smiling at mom, so proud of their little family.  After they sang, Ben said "how can we really get famous?  this is so muich fun."  "well," said dad, "we can send it to a magazine and maybe get famous that way.  There aren't many animals who can yell it out like you all did.  oh this is great."  "hey," said Cuety, "can we put this in the cjoy magazine that we get from dad/"  "yes.  We can."  They all clapped and jumped up and down.  "you know, said Cutey the mellow cat, "you can get Dad's magazine anywhere in the world."  "Wouldn't that be wonderful, and maybe make new friends with other animals in cjoy magazine!"  "Ok folks," said mom, "We must get ready to go to bed, it is getting late.  But we will do this again and have much fun as you just did."  "Thank youJesus," said Mom, putting her hand on Dad's hand. "Lord you are good to all of us and our wonderful family.  thank you, Lord. "they all jumped up and down and said "amen!

The End. Written by Vicki Meizinger.

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