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August Edition, 2018.

Edited by Pastor Darryl Breffe and Vicki Meizinger.

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We're! back!
We are a growing family.
There are now six of us.
SofT the rabbit, Benjamin the black lab, Peanuts the elephant, Jenny the giraffe, Cuty the cat, and MR. Klops the horse.
And we have stories to tell.
The stories told in this magazine reflect the experiences of the editors.

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Introducing MR. Klops.

Summer came and the animals were looking forward to three months of vacation. There was plenty of rain during the spring season and the grass grew tall and green. The birds chirped with peaceful songs. The circus came and went and SofT and her friends were blessed with a new friend. MR. Klops, a miniature black horse, moved in and shared space with Peanuts and Jenny on the first floor of their house. His favorite foods were apples and hay. He also enjoyed nibbling on the tall grasses of which there was plenty. MR. Klops spent many a night telling circus stories. The animals listened with excitement to the wonderful adventures under the big top. MR. Klops favorite past-time was to ride children on his back and jump high fences. Now that he was no longer with the circus, he could spend his wintertime clearing snow off the roads for the town.

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

2 Save Souls Records Is Streaming On Your Computer.

It was a cold Sunday evening. Cuty the cat worked the night shift at C Joy Internet Radio. This night was special because two special guests were coming to do a broadcast to be streamed on three stations. There was a knock on the studio door. Cuty went to answer the door. In walked Minister Keith Martin and his wife Maria to do their weekly two-hour broadcast. Keith and his wife sat down before microphones and a television monitor and waited for the 7:00 mark. Cuty announced, "Stay tuned next for 2 saved souls records radio broadcast with Minister Keith Martin. After 30 seconds of music, Keith and Marias' microphones were turned on and they began to speak. They spent five minutes talking about the S-H-E Conference and then went back to music. While the music was playing on the monitor speaker, Keith and Maria opened their bibles to prepare the lesson to be read for the week. When the music stopped, the microphones were turned on again and Keith along with his wifed preached from the word of God. Cuty purred with joy. Before the two-hour broadcast was finished, Keith and his wife gave an altar call to those wanting salvation. They ended their show and left the studio. Cuty put the stations on automation and locked up the studio and left for the evening.

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

Cuty On The Q T.

One day in the month of August, Cuty the cat heard an unusual sound coming from under the house. He heard squeak-squeak. The sound was high-pitched and troubled him. He began to dig under the corner of the house where the sound was coming from. As he continued to dig the squeaking noise got louder. And finally, Cuty saw the noise. A little mouse stuck its head out of a hole and squeaked seeing Cuty for the first time. Cuty said, "Hello there, what is your name?" "My name is Pepper." said the mouse. Pepper stuck out a claw to shake Cuty's paw. "I am pleased to meet you, said Cuty. Pepper said, "Let's have a race around the house." "O'Kay." said Cuty. "On your mark, get set, ready, go." They both ran around the house. And when They finished, Pepper was the winner. They became good friends.

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

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