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We're! back!
There are now six of us.
SofT the rabbit, Rudder the labra-doodle, Benjamin the black lab, Peanuts the elephant, Jenny the jiraffe, and Cuty the cat.
And we have stories to tell.

Tigger went over the rainbow bridge on September 5th. Princess the cat has been missing for at least a week.

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Tigger's funeral.

It was early September, and warm out, all the animals assembled in the backyard of their house to memmorialize the passing of Tigger the Boxer. The animals were feeling sorrowful and already missed their friend. Benjamin and Rudder the two dogs sat by the grave side as Jenny the giraffe read scriptures from the bible. Cuty meowed "You will never know how much you will miss a friend until they die." Peanuts the elephant said "I remember Tigger most often as he dug through the garbage." Rudder had tears in his eyes remembering the times when he and tigger ran around the yard. Jenny the giraffe said, "I wonder what is it like after you cross the rainbow bridge. "It must be beautiful, green grass, and plenty of fruit to eat." "There will be no more tears, no more sorrows, we will live forever." "Their will be other animals like us."

The End. Written by Darryl Breffe.

We're moving in!

It was a clear and cold January day. Peanuts the elephant and Jenny the jiraffe packed up there belongings and moved to the animal's house. Rudder and benjamin spent a good part of the day bringing straw for the new animals. Peanuts the elephant moved into the attic area while Jenny the jiraffe took the basement area. After everything settled down, Cuty the cat cooked a nice dinner for all the animals who attended. "Welcome to our home" said Benjamin. Rudder the labra doodle chimed in as well while stuffing his mouth with a piece of bread. Cuty said, "I am sure that you two new-comers will have lots of zoo stories to tell us."

Softy said, "I have an announcement to make. Cjoy has started a new radio station. And I also hear that a TV station is being put together." All the animals clapped their hands with joy at hearing this announcement. The animals agreed that there will be plenty of work for everyone in the broadcast studio.

Happy New! Year!

Well animals, here we have a new year for us! Well, our reading and listening friends, we got so busy over the holidays that we didn't even get a chance to write here.  Hope everyone  had a wonderful christmas and nice gifts.  Where did this time go?

Well, all of the big children are back in school and learning.  We work hard to teach our wonderful animals here at home.  Dad and I end up laughing so much with the animals each day as we teach new things and encourage them to love everyone they know and don't know.  They are so much like people and have a real appreciation for making animals and children and grown-ups really happy.  I think we will be going to cjoy where Dad works and has a lot of shows there.  He may give us another lesson and using the headphones to wear and broadcast wonderful shows.  Even I, have a show on cjoy now.  it is a christian music show, lots of songs that we all here, both animals and people, hear them in church, in the  house and outside.  WE all love the songs and dance to them.  Life is fun any time of the year.

We got to go to the Chewy store.  We saw our special friend Heather, the one who had on another visit, showed us a lot of things and me and Dad bought them. We will probably go there a lot now that we love it so much.     We are without 2 of our animals, but I will have Dad tell you about them. It is always hard to lose anyone in a family and they are missed.  But we still have a lively family and we will always miss the others.

Well, our rabbit SofT will have a birthday soon.  She will be 9 years old and shares a birthday with Haily, who is a little girl person, loved by everyone.  I'm sure she will come over and play with her, and I will give her things to give our rabbit.  So, it is a busy time of year but we are enjoyig the new year.  Sorry we missed you at christmas, but we'll try to get another magazine out soon.  Hope you enjoy the winter and get to go slaying and skating.  We will be in touch soon, and remember that we all here love the people and animals.  By for now, Love, Mom, also called Vicki by the grownups.

A note of interest. Princess the cat has been missing since September of last year. No trace of her has been found.

The End. Written by Vicki Meizinger.

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